Tree of Life Baking: Bob’s Red Mill, Kinnikinnick Gluten Free, Walkers Short Bread. Beverages: Blue Diamond, Fever-Tree. Cocktail Mix – Finest Call, RE’AL. San Benedetto, Martini. Efferve. Cooking Products: Indonesian, Indian, Chinese, Thai, Wines & Vinegar. Vegetables – Canned Fruits & Seafood, Specialty/ Bar Apps: Tortilla Chips, Salsa, Cheese Sauce, Avocado Pulp & Guacamole. Italian Specialty Products, Bel Brands, Specialty Imported Cheese
Central Smith Ice Cream (11.4L, 4L, thermo cups), Frozen Desserts, No Sugar Ice Cream, Sherbet, Frozen Yogurt, Frozen Bars
High Liner Foods Fish Fillets & Portions (Raw, Breaded, Battered), Shellfish (Shrimp, Lobster, Scallops, Mussels, Clams, Oysters), Appetizers, Specialties (Dip't & Dusted™, Fire Roasters™, Sea Cuisine™, Upper Crust™)
Bäckerhaus Veit Sandwich Breads (Panini, Rye, Sourdough, Multigrain), Buns & Rolls (Ciabatta, Variety Packs), Craft Breads & Rolls (Baguettes), Pretzels (Twists, Buns, Baguettes)
David Roberts Food Corp. Snack Mixes, Dried Fruit, Candy & Confectionery, Chocolate & Cocoa, Baking Ingredients, Nuts & Seeds, Peas, Beans & Lentils
Tyson Foods Jimmy Dean Breakfast Sandwiches, Sausages (Skinless Links, Patties) Barber Signature Supreme Whole Muscle Stuffed Chicken breast 6oz. (Cordon Bleu, Crème Brie & Apple) Fully Cooked Toppings Bacon (Slices & Pieces) Sausage Crumble, Chorizo Crumble. Original Philly Beef
Bee Maid Honey Liquid Honey (Jug, Squeeze Bottle), L'il Honeys Packets
Western Rice Mills White & Brown Rice, Rice Flour, Specialty Rice (Organic, Jasmine, Basmati, Sushi, Arborio, Wild, Calrose), Spelt Kernels
O' Sole Mio Fully Cooked Stuffed Pastas and Sauces
Fresca Frozen – Flour & Corn Tortillas, Precut Tortilla Chips
Bothwell Cheese Brands - Cheese: Blocks, Shreds, Slices, Cubes, Curds. Bothwell - 100% milk.
Paradise IslandNatural Cheese: Goldstream - All Dairy Product, Shreds, Blocks & Slices. Paradise Island - Palm Oil Shreds
Sweet Steet Cookies, Individual Desserts, Cakes, Cheesecakes, Bars, Cupcakes. Gluten Free & Individually Wrapped Options
Kikkoman Soy & Ponzu Sauces, Assorted Sauces (Teriyaki, Oyster, Hoisin, Thai Chili, Plum, Curry), Panko Crumbs & Tempura Batter Mix, Gluten-Free Soy, Tonkotsu Romen soup mix, Shoyu Romen Soup mix, Miso Ramen soup mix
Brome Lake Duck Frozen Duck Breasts, Smoked Duck Breast, Whole Duck, Confit, Rillettes, Ground Duck, Duck Bacon slices, and cubes, Drumettes, Legs & Thighs, Sausages, Retail Duck Products
Nossack Gourmet Foods Frozen Prepared Foods, Sausage Rolls, Calzones, Cornish Pasty, Quiches, Breakfast Rolls, Aussie Meat Pies
Halal: Deli Meats, Beef Toppings, Chicken Toppings, Chicken & Beef Toppings.
Retail Ready Beef Jerky & Smokies
Shashi Foods Inc. Spices, Herbs , Blends, Legumes, Superfoods.


400-6 Roslyn Road
Winnipeg, MB  R3L 0G5


Map of head office location, 400-6 Roslyn Road, Winnipeg Manitoba